måndag 1 juni 2009


This spot has been on my mind for a long long time now, imagining what it would look like with some nice blockletters zig-zagin their way into the tunnel and with the train runnin over on top of that..
I just had to get that picture!
First try was with my man GREAS a few years back. We did a crewpiece glamorous goldstyle with some swordninjas in the backround choppin the piece up bad with their blades. Unfortunately, its quite a hostile environment standing there at night sprayin it up. Things started gettin hectic fast and we had to make a run for it.
Two nights later I came to finish it off with was what left, some shines, some signs and thats it.
Done deal, but no.
To my disapointment the remainings of this large burner was swimming in a colorful puddle on the ground, and I could still smell the buff. Back then this tunnel had not been buffed for as long as i remembered. Later on I learned that as soon as the freshness hits, the buff hits...
I can still see that burner when I close my eyes, but no photos.
But you know, If you want something then just go get it. I needed that picture.
STHLM winter was about to lose its grip on me and turn into early spring and I had some grafitti on my mind. I had it bad.. The urge that sometimes takes control of me, puttin growing up on hold and makes me go out and do stupid things like this. I couldnt take it anymore. So I just went out and did it. Chrome-flipped it solo.
I will never set my foot there again in my life.

9 kommentarer:

  1. helt fantastiskt.

  2. Taking it to the next level.

  3. Fyfan, pepp historia, pepp piece, superfresh!

  4. Fan vad nice och tack för i senast!
    / Vesslan

  5. Nu går det fanimej hett till här.Är mer mer sådan här nice kuriosa för mycket att begära?

  6. Grymt foto, lätt värt allt besvär.. :) Addar en länk till er blogg!

  7. så himla bra!


  8. tung historia tung chromare. stannar alltid o kollar på den när jag går förbi där;)