måndag 28 mars 2011


...on some teenage mutans ninja type of thang.

fredag 25 mars 2011

Life's a beach!

Mack & W-Tass 2011.
Chrome, black, white & red!

Some really fresh new links for your viewing pleasure:
127 Gang
Great Madrid-crew!
Expresh Letters
Dedicated to the love of letters, really dope!


tisdag 22 mars 2011

...got the internet goin nuttz.

...uurvbody wanna ball. Collecting the internet treats.

lördag 19 mars 2011

Planet earth gone nutz.

Well it all started at a houseparty in northern Italy. Mr. Berlusconi had invited every powerful man on the planet to a cocaine and wild teenage sex party. Sarkozy, Obama, Gadaffi, Chong Vader, Dr crackrock, Putin, Berlusconi some oil dudes and japanese powerplant owners, some russian investors, 50% of the chinse government and A. Khamenei a few more dudes at the IMF and worldbank even Carl Bildt and his brother were there. Gagballs and gimpsuits fleeting around. Now you got the details to figure it out yourself. Gadaffi didnt pay for his coke and bitches, so now they want to kill him, Dr Crackrock is Sarkozys personal coke dealer and Chong Vader the ruler of the underworld. Be prepared! Do you know how to grow your own food?

Good luck and have fun

torsdag 17 mars 2011

Crome season soon to be over!

So this might be my last contribution on that theme for a while. Hopefully!

måndag 7 mars 2011

Helsinki state of mind.2011

We wish we had four hands each so we could give this knifeloving city eight thumbs up.
Shitty cans, painting in the snow and drunk sauna sessions never felt better. Bigs upps Marie & Aply!