tisdag 29 juni 2010

Coke & Wet Bitch Gunz Nigga Holla!

Poor Ugly and shit is hard beeing hooked.
Spraypaint in the STHLM Area aint for free, Racking cans not longer an option, and were spending most of our hobby money traveling and paying juicy fines. But Brothers gawn work it out.. No Buttz.
Buts, were runnin low on stash..
If anyyous out there enjoying the movement and would like to support our BBlog, feel free to contribute.
Hook us up wif a coat of paints...
Anything will be used up.

And Buffed..

We live in SWEDEN bitches.



söndag 27 juni 2010

torsdag 24 juni 2010

onsdag 23 juni 2010

Fun in the sun!

B-Gum & Strul went out for some sun & fun in the neighbourhood!
Shout outs to the old folks playing boule & drinking moonshine right next to us!

måndag 21 juni 2010


Zupp Cyberspace!?

Me and my all lookin like Zorro friends went on this summers first roadtrip yesterday.
You know, 5 Poor Ugly lookin smelly up to no good typa dudes in a small city car loaded with G-rap mixtapes and no AC.. Explosive.
No need to pimp that ride.
We grind them trucks.
More on that mission later...

Back 2 work today is my favorite day.. I felt kinda like the empty blues in the burning firetracks we left behind us. Cloudy day in the STHLM.

Then my friend Ylva saved my day with this new hot EdBangershit.
Im not knowned to be the one sharing my musix on this blog but i felt that I couldnt let you true readers of or blog miss out on this one.
Summertimes back. YO!

Holla! Hollaluja!


In yo system.


LÄNGE LEVE ORDFÖRANDE ROFLMAN! (long live chairman Roflman) (these painting are made for Roflman when he still was a true follower of the RALF-organisation, but, like all other humans he got power-thirsty and made himself the chairman of the RALF-Party. Personally i dont care, Don JuanRoflman, is the only one worth following!) HURRA HURRA!

I know, i cant spell. a --> e.

fredag 18 juni 2010

P00R UGLY ~~~>

I am back home in the hood, safe. I only say 93 [Nöff tchraa]! Oldstuff posted.

Well this is kindof new actually. Stolen background!(the first)

I few months ago, Sweden was in charge of the European union. The ministers held there meetings in a small town just outside Stockholm, called SOLNA. All graffiti was cleaned, all crapy roads rebuilt. Well because of this happening the children in the schools of Solna had an art competition. This contribution was my favourite.

onsdag 16 juni 2010

tisdag 15 juni 2010


Jag snudde den här futugraffics efrån ultranäätet där någera af Pör Uöggly criuvs promenadaer oöver brish brushan trouble waters. Dyka ner i vöra brains, Deep shizt.
Vi Planerar årets burner! Lets GÖOW! Yours truly har skejtat sönder foten och på begäran kommer att göra en 2, 4 & YO till alla lovers of style där ute.
Har ni sett pugramett TOPMODEL? Vi liggzom bara hullar lite på den. Tyvärrs.
Snyggaste skurkarna flashar alltidd SLOW~POZE och är på väg till Toy-Centralen för att sprejas upp lite gudis. och vi som alldid kömmer bli snyggats på bild.
THIS IS SÖM höliWud Shit!

Stay Tunade rutor.

(ok jag har upplägget för filmen nu..)

söndag 13 juni 2010

onsdag 9 juni 2010

I brought with me a black belton and some slurrs out to the clubs. did a little dancemoovin aroun shakin my cans, Hey, this kid can dance.Deadserious..
Club cloosed 2am so my mission was that I didnt want any paintbackhome

So i started a colo cat tfe rest is hisdturiskt

tisdag 8 juni 2010


I dont know whats happening really, but this shit is makin me crazy.
Wakin up in the middle of the night just because of some nightmares again.
I dont want any of these ghosts so I go out with my busted up foot to check it out.

Fucking INSOMNIA makes me go crazy.

måndag 7 juni 2010

royal celebration of the month of levi

as we move in to the month of Levi,i release the popular DUB FOR PUBB mixtape
i did some time back(maybe last year?)...the original tape did have some wild rantings and heavy mic-chanting bigging up the members of the crew. but for you i upload the one without it...so you can easily play it at a party.
this tape is NOT for the weakhearted as this is some serious rootsmusic that stretches from early 70's and well in to the 00's..

artits heard will be h.andy,mighty massa,g.washington,h.mundell,j.clarke and many more. the tape finishing off with the always tuff twinkle brothers. enjoy!


söndag 6 juni 2010


Some vacation-pics from the Poor n Ugly.