måndag 31 augusti 2009

Heavy rain!

When the rain kindly hits the top of your head its ok to still paint - but when its litterally pouring down like there´s no tomorrow the only thing nice about it -is the fact that your tears aren´t showing!
Tropic thunder-style!

söndag 30 augusti 2009

Coffee Days, Angebot Nights!

Greetings from Berlin, city of the Angebot!

tisdag 25 augusti 2009


Check out the rest of the wall @ Ikaroz blogspot...

Love Love! Graffiti Love!Love Graffiti!

I dont sketch. I just do. hehe damn. sometimes i feel like a newbie!
But! Remember, its all about having fun! Most important part of writing in my opinion.
We love Wanda one. Hes so cute. Hes like a big big Pink bear!
Good luck!

lördag 22 augusti 2009

Start adapting...

....a lil´ sumn sumn.

tisdag 18 augusti 2009

Trånkan famet warriorz.

Till Pnut och alla andra människor:

Minns ni dessa pieces? Memories. Synd att digitalkameran var ett skämt innan den "stora buffen". Vi växte upp här. Jag tror jag talar för majoriteten av Pubb crew. 1994 byggde SL dubbelspår mellan Älvsjö och Västerhaninge. Då "renoverade" dom också trånkan famet. Det kom upp flera nya väggar. NYA VÄGGAR! Famet sanerades 2005 och hundratals pieces försvann. Under 1994-2005 målades det några gånger i veckan, lager på lager. Jag var nere i famet och fotade första gången när jag var 10 år, det som fastnade var, alla Stråte grejjer (RIP), Park (RIP), Puppet, Jungleboogie, Dissey in battle och SBR, EMB och RSV. Jag bytte senare bort alla mina bilder i tonåren, mot sprayburkar. Att SL skulle få psykos och sanera allt, fanns inte.... Det kom som en överraskning och jag tror de flesta på linjen (inte bara graffiti målare och entusiaster) blev deprimerade, jag talar om riktig deprission. Ni vet, piller, terapi och långa psykiatri köer. Över några få dygn, i böran av 2005, sanerade SL hundratals meter vägg! Hundratals meter vägg. tusentals tags och varje gång jag tänker på det, svär jag över att jag inte tog fler foton. FUCK SL! :)
Ha det fint
/Reidar Hytrén
Tack till König.

söndag 16 augusti 2009

10 under freezing point climbing up under freeway joint

I had almost forgotten about this piece from wayback in february..
Sunday missions is a love and hate thing for me, somehow I just cant kick back relax knowing that mondays comin up next. Stupid. A STHLMwinter month like february is like punishment, I was layin up in the crib with mjukisbrallan and my slippers on takin it ease. Slowpoze mode, just glad beeing indoors a day like this. A phonecall later from a friend that is crazy pepp on graffiti sometimes, I jumped in my långbombare and geared up to get down. A ride from my headquarters and back, to a spot that I never been to in a brand new Audi...
Dude, Im like whuttup?!
Didnt need that much persuasion...
He drove up with boomin music leakin out this chromed out monster, turned on the passengerseat asswarmer and was just happy smiling about going sprayin shit up. I started laughing just by seeing this guys fired up face.. The mode was set. Heated leatherseats is the way to roll, thats my word. he pumped up the volume and shit was comfy bumpin. Just got the wheels cleaned so we riding slow now to pick up one of my favorite writers in the innercity. While we waited for him to showup this 40something year old man came up and just started yellin and kicked the driverseat cardoor for some or no reason! My man has a temperament and jumped out and just scared this guy straight.. it was a funny time for me!
We climbed up into one of the coolest spots Ive been to, the atmosphear was just beautiful, rugged concrete dreams. I love those places.
The place was freezin, actually colder inside than the outdoors 10 below. It was so cold that my camera batteries froze and i couldnt feel my toes after some spraying. No blingin but so much ice you could skate on a writer... Damn! I cant wait until winters fuckin it up again..... Eh..
Got this pic from my southsider friend, the only photo I got so lets say this pic is exclusive shit.. Thanx homie!
Signing out for now with a shoutout to my friend HEALR. YO!
Oh, if anyone out there in cyberspace got any other fliggz on this one let us know.

Resistencia no es terrorismo! Nación (+) Mapuche!

Raping the black and Indian women, creating Latinos
Mother fuckers made me out of self righteous hatered
And you got yourself a virus, stuck in the Matrix
A graffiti bomber strapped and ready to blow

söndag 9 augusti 2009

Countryside of things!

Sunny soulsoothing vacationpics straight out of the countryside....

Last month we had 9,277 visits. 4,038 unique visitors.

So keep on posting those pictures. We all know your trying to surprise us later. I made these ones for Eksact yesterday morning!Get better man. Take care.

lördag 8 augusti 2009

Not a good combination...


= Not a good combination... Get better Eksact!!! Here is a wall for dedicated for you:

måndag 3 augusti 2009

We paint! We do kraffiti! say (N).

Stuff from 2008-2009. Enjoy. Take care!
Love the system! Love the police! Sweden and Budapest.
Stolen backgrounds! Spray Spray Spray your mind away!

söndag 2 augusti 2009

Bad Luck, Good Times in Dalecarlia!

So me, P-nuts and mr. Each went on a daytrip to lovely Dalecarlia, little did we know we was in for the long run. The day started early with a slight hangover from a nice night before, met up the boys and went on the road (not me driving though!). Got to the wall and started doing my thing and as the day went on i started to feel as i had taken a to big task at hand...
I rushed to finish my piece when heavy rain started falling and was actually thinking i could make it on time when the boys said it was time to sit it out in the car and wait for the rain to stop pouring. As we sat in the car we realized that the rain had no intention of stopping and we came to the conclusion that we had to do the "car-sleeping-thing". I was mildly amused and figured that i had to get extremely wasted if i was going to pull carsleeping off.
We headed to the nearest town, looking for a place to eat and drink, but couldn't find anything in that small town...
Finally we saw a light that said BAR and we thought salvation was near, but we got bummed out when the owner said he closed 5 minutes ago!
We managed to hassle ourselves two sixes of Captain Morgan each and a pint of beer to chug it down with before starting to figure out what to do the rest of the night.

Each said he got word of a techno & electro-festival going down just a few minutes from there, so we rushed over there in search of food and drinks. One well placed boltcut in the fence later we were in, drinking and eating to make the night more bearable!

We got wasted, really wasted!
The next morning it was back to the wall for the big finish, a few well placed lines and i was done! After finishing the piece i realized how the text really doesn't match my background, but what the hell! At least it became a nice roadtrip and i got a spontanious visit to a festival (and i got some nice beers aswell!).

I will let P-Nut tell his side of the story for himself and post his picture if he wants to, i can tell you as much as i think his piece really burned blue flames as the fire above!

Til' next time:
Cheers Friends
Eksact 426