fredag 31 juli 2009

PUBB CREW-the ghettoman's story

**Edit- Kapar posten.
Alla människor som är sugna på grillat är välkommna hem till Monsieur reide, för adress ring. Imorgon lördag 1/8 18.00. Enda kravet, att ni känner/träffat honom, var inte blyga. Fredde Reinfeldt bjuder på mat och alkofritt! Du skall hälsa på din kusin i Köpenhamn?Det kommer flera tillfällen! Detta kanske kommer lite sent? Det gör inget! Monsieur reide har glömt, förträngt, och funderat kring existensen den senaste tiden, inte haft tid med bjudningar. Ryktesvägen har vi hört att monsieur reide fyller roten ur tjugofem gånger roten ur tjugofem vilket blir ett fjärdedels sekel. Annars, ha en så trevlig helg! Ta det lugnt på stan! Låt inte regnet hindra er! SilberChrome/Bojjan

tisdag 28 juli 2009

Employee of the month!

Out of all the slaves they have working for them this dude right here is my favorite and number#1 buffer! Word up!
You probably hate this job but needs the money, right? I can deal with that. But somewhere along the way you just stopped caring about gettin the job done the way that they brainwashed you to, cause exterminating this fine lookin piece is just ridiculous, I understand you! Welcome to the other side. I havent lived long enough to be a wiz, but I belive its the true side- bright side of life youre on.
I hope this skill aint costing you your job as a buffer, gettin fired. noway! cause the world needs more slowpoze buffers like you!
One love.

måndag 27 juli 2009

Amsterdam postcard.

A big thank you goes out to "Miklo" - you know who you are.....

söndag 26 juli 2009

I Write Therefore I Exist


fredag 24 juli 2009

Originaal Can Clappers.2009.

Just another day exploring the deep swedish forest and at the same time workin on the vacation tan.

onsdag 22 juli 2009

Inspiration Information

"What the fuck is flow?" "You got flow right now?"
-I just met up with a friend of mine who lives in los angeles working as a musician and a composer, chasing that dream gettin paid for what you love. doin what he loves. Me, Im doing "graffitti" for what that given and compromising name is worth, more likely sooner or later have to pay up for what Im up to. I think that creating music and painting are two complete different things even though they (for me) melt together sometimes. Fusion or whatever, arguments about whats an artform and whats not is not my interest. Trying to compare, criticize and categorize peoples unique expressions is not on my agenda, I guess I leave that discussion to the haters cause I feel like its a worthless waste of time. Of course I listen to other peoples opinions and what they have to say, feel free to speak your mind -I respect that. But hey, it gets plain boring after 2minutes complaints of basically your own lack of being imaginary. Tell your negative bedtime stories to your not so openminded friends instead. Later haterZzz, your shit is weak.. last week.
YO! Sorry, Im not trying to disrespect you or anything but on my way back home from having a couple of drinks feeling the flow and doing some crazy-ass innercity bombing going allout madout flippin trippin on internetdrugs robbin old ladies for coins and kids for cellphones destroying my life trashin it the fuck up, I ran into to these toys doing a whack piece biting my bubblestyle chromeletters and my cloud backround. I hate them fuckin toys..... Ok, enough already.
No. Me and my Hollywood friend talked about the CREATIVE flow, the flow that comes and goes. Sometimes you got it sometimes you dont got it, sometimes you have the flow for a week, maybe for a whole month. sometimes the flow only appears for one night and then disappears again not knowing when it will show up again. Can you push flow? Can you somehow learn how to get creative, in someway force it to happen, be creative and stay creative. Is there a spirit of flow? He was telling me eveything about his LosAngeles flow and how he kept himself motivated controlling the flow, and I told him everything i know about staying creative doing what I do. But it seems like "the flow" works in mysterious ways.
This is some pictures from the last couple of days that I think has something to do with my inspiration at this moment- late july 2009.
Do YOU have the power of flow? Let us know! Please share your info in the commentbox.
Drop that.

söndag 19 juli 2009

You Betray, You Pay!

Daze in the sun p.t. 4

So... This is the last part of this spontaneous summer wall, YESR sent this pic to me. thanks!

Halfway through it, that sunday was the hottest summerday so far. I was thinking about going swimming with a picnic at first, but it was EKSACT & NVSE and I just cant say no to those guys.
Missed my connection with traindoors closing in front of me I made a quick decision to take an alternative way to the spot and ended up on a hour long grand tour of the southern suburbs on a veteran bus with no aircondition. Countryside style and I was feelin it, I took off my T-shirt and just sat there zippin on a Fanta enjoying the ride and flexin the rug.
I was easedropping on these two young guys talking about how many beers they could drink without throwing up, how many girls they slept with, bragging about that they was going to dive from this huge cliff- they were going swimming. I learned that one of them was going to spend all off the money he earned from his summerjob on a big tribal tatoo. Or going abroad, he wasnt sure..
I finally reached my destination and I was gladly surprised that my man KURIR had decided to join in on this mission, we go way back.
Me and nsve took turns pushing that fantastic wagon through the woods and he told me that their bus only took 20minutes... On our way to get lost.

It is so stupid that grown men is afraid of wasps. I was running like marathon.
That night I drank 6 glasses of lemonade without taking a leak.. Read dehydration.


onsdag 15 juli 2009

Daze in the sun! Pt. 1, 2 and 3

After a hard day of walking around in the gazing sun and an overslept, bit late P-nuts we finally managed to get some painting done! :)
Improv characters ain't always the best idea when hung over!

Now im really longing for that summer vacation!

The first thing that pops into my head (when thinking about this gloroius day) ,isnt the sun , good friends or the feelgood hangovers. I just remember the fact that we were chased down by some mutated killer bees with the urge to kill..... Close one.


It was good fun looking at you guys getting chased by the bees. I had my hands full pushing that bloody shopping cart with all the paint through the fucking wilderness. Otherwise it was a really nice day, one of those days that will stay in your memorie untill you drop.


måndag 13 juli 2009



finally colors of twelve enters the arena and hits the streets with love!
respect goes out to all original PUBB MASSIVE, friends from creation,the alpha & the omega,the beginning & the end.

lördag 11 juli 2009

Saturday hang out in the hood....

Beer, ginger, rice nudles, chili, bean sprauts, savoy, carrots, lime, garlic, peppers, yoghurt, boomin' muzaak, good people and a little bit of saturday mischief!

fredag 10 juli 2009

3 hundred is the magic number.

300 uploads! Den har sina ups and downs men bästa BBloggen ligger fortfarande uppe och verkar för tillfället må bra. Jävligt bra. Den trehundrade! uppladdningen firas av lite fräscht med fredag och iskalla fulbubbeldrinkar, den skööl! Till sist en liten hälsning eller uppmaning till alla lovers and haters out there-
-Ut och njut, sitt inte hemma och vänta på den. Sommaren är här nu!

Stunna shades on get stoopid fresh.


onsdag 1 juli 2009


True legend. Gone but not forgotten.