tisdag 5 juli 2011

Eurotrip 2011 - Part 1. GERMANY

Abysz, Nvse, Macke & Ikaroz decided to go on a cartrip around Europe. First stop on the trip: Germany, Hamburg and Heidelberg to be exact!
Two really nice cities with relaxed atmospheres!

Sleepmode total! Abysz showing how to pass out in style on the Trelleborg-Travemünde ferry.

Hamburg is a city of joy where you can fin nuggets like this just laying around in the street! But also a city where you can find a pasty fat, thinhaired middle-aged man standing on Reperbahn rocking his cock out through his unzipped jeans. Not really doing anything, just standing there to show the world that he's a perv directly instead of using chatroulette like the rest. Old school perv-style!

Abysz dusting up some details!

Yuppies raus!


Ikaroz, Green, Spek, Abyzs Form 76 & Macke
Hamburg 2011.

Germans sure know how to put up a nice paint-session. Barbecue by the trackside!

Munchie dessert deluxe!

On some now you see me now you don't type shit!

Nvse, Ikaroz, Form 76, Macke, Abysz & Golden Green
Hamburg 2011

Hopped in to the flash-mobile and left Hamburg after a few great days of painting and chilling! Man what a city, great vibez!

First some swedish wordplay along the autobahn.

After going 170km/h on the autobahn in the sun, we stopped by in Heidelberg for some chilling in the sun, spare-ribs from heaven and ofcourse some painting

Macke working on some space slime!

Check the Montana-blog for a joiner of the whole wall!

Der Lebemann!

Nvse from space!

Colour-explosion, curtesy of Magia & Abysz!

Drunken night in Heidelberg!

German asians...

O.G Graffiti!

Coincidence?! I think not!

Germany was so dope, such a great start on the trip!
Big ups to all the people who made our trip great with your hospitality, cool attitude and generosity!
Big shout outs to Form 76, Golden Green, Hein Boogie, ZZ Top, Most, Clean, Quiz, Inka, Clash and Montana Cans for hooking us up with some great colours!

Stay tuned for part 2.
"A land of Pasta, wine, football & beach-life!"

måndag 4 juli 2011


Parts of the sthlm based Poor ugly boys headed out towards the dalerican woods for some mysterious elfhunting, crazy party fiesta and of chourse some classic spacepaints.
This is the outcome....
OH! Dont believe the hype. Tagging jeanswests is way cooler than tagging titties.