torsdag 29 juli 2010

Graff to the bone

I woke up one morning a few days ago, Did my morning routines and got the fantastic idea that I get few times a year. YEAH. I will go out and do a crazy motha fucking 15 color burner. I scrap together my last full cans, all my 1/3´d cans, my saved, almost empty, if i need a nice color to my piece, cans. I put them into my new spray can bag (with space for 18 spray cans --rolls soyce of spray can bags -- ). I felt just like that guy i was dreaming about to become when I was a small kid. --I was smiling like a baby walking towards the coffeemaker--. Back then I was saving cash to be able to make one piece a month. Ok I used to rack back then, but like one can of gray roststopp and maybe one red roststopp, since i was really small, it was hard, i tell you, if i put two cans around my waist, i would look 10 years older! Only thing i wanted back then, was more spray cans. Only thing i want today, is less spraycans. While drinking my standard three cups of coffee I made a sketch. I was like, "ok, its not Bates, its not can2 and ok its not smash, but hey its okay". I took my bag, my water, my brain and i left the building. On the way i was constructing the idea in my head, the idea was perfect, you know, the perfect idea, man i was so lucky. I don't think the coffee had hit at all, still confused. I got inside. I knew this nice wall i wanted to paint. I sketched it, i filled it and i kind of fucked it up when i put in the 3d. My plan was that the 3d was going to come out of a small hole or tunnel, I really dont know what happened to my perfect idea, but the whole shit ended up with something else. ITS NOT A FUCKING "WILDSTYLE" PAINTING. WTF??!!. Man can it be this hard, and while i was on my way home i was thinking about Plato or Aristotle talking about the "perfect idea", i was fucking pissed off. Ok, Every year i do this mistake. And every time i feel the same. For so long i have wanted to make a fucking "wildstyle" piece, since i was a kid, and i never ever succeeded. And, every time i hear the ecooo of Abyzz, the king of style, "just keep on painting -sketching - painting - sketching". Well, im tired of- painting - sketching - painting and sketching. A lot of people, including me, do "scandinavian style" pieces, i know why, its only because WE fucking suck. There is no fucking skill in those pieces. Man, i am with bates here, its like three thousand babies running around in this city painting crap. Including me. Its a catastrophe. The most used argument against "classic graffiti" is, "its boring to look at", MAN, its not fucking boring to look at, its fucking perfect. ITS GRAFFITI!!!!! So my first thought was, as usual, "i quit". After a shower i was like "Its impossible" - IM FUCKING ADDICTED OF GRAFFITI! Crazy! A D D I C T E D. I feel better now thought. I will never become like one of my teenage heroes, its clear, im not skilled enough. And im not going to waste my time to try either. So i am changing track here fellow brothers! I will keep you all updated! Remember its all about getting up! tags tags tags .. But who knows. JAH RASTAFARI!

The "wildstyle" piece. At last a picture of Roflman himself. Very brave jungle warrior.

Clown - shortbus graffiti.

I dont own a television, But i visited my parents one day and they were watching "Grizzlyman" - And i think that Timothy Treadwell is one of my new idols and a hero for sure. This guy made what he wanted to do, while i sit here in my small concrete box. Very brave man just like i imagine Mr.Roflman to be. If you haven't seen it - watch it, it gave me a lot of inspiration and new thoughts about a lot of things. R.I.P Timothy, and thanks. Timothy wanted to be a bear, so i painted him as one. See you on the other side. And R.I.P Gabriel the young graffitiwriting explorer!

måndag 26 juli 2010

Write In Peace With A Passion

Just to let all yall ni##az know.
For me, this summer so far has not been so much about grafitti. Two months ago I did a backside kickflip down a 5 flight and considering it was about 10 years or so I went out skating I felt awesome landing that trick. Yeah! lucky me, my foot snapped.
Doing graff in stockholm on crutches is a bad idea if you would like to stay outta court.
Break the law with a broken foot, thats just some doubletrouble shieet.
But yo! Im all good now! Borrowed a cruiser from a friend couple weeks ago just slicin down the slopes and now Im back on my "real" skateboard again. Fuck them bitches tellin you that longboards aint a "real" skateboard! Its a fuckin longboard dude, Im out cruisin, not skating, whuttup?!
Since my friend RESQ (dont know if we are friends anymore though) lended my this piece of enjoyment Ive been taking this BadBoy ÖHHHRR-WHERE! To work, to the clubs, to the movies, to dates, to buy SNUS, and sometimes just to have an evening ride zigzagin the streets way past my bedtime.
Ofcourse Ive got bruised up couple a times when speed got outta control but yo, I love that cruise. Summertime is the roughest time..
So now Im back skating again and i guess that grafitti will suffer from that, But yall know love life let it love you back comes first, so...
Did a piece with SPOOK TZV yesterday though, Ima hook you up with them flavors as soon as I get at it!
Until then- Skate or die mfz.
On some crooked grind shit.

tisdag 20 juli 2010

Meet the pubbs.

Just writing my name meets the pubb crew.
Check it out here and here.
Big ups to montana cans and highlights.

fredag 16 juli 2010

The Sci-fi story "Can Roflman save the planet?"

A bamboo submarine - A gift from North Korea and Kim Jong il. Named "Pyongyang II" Pic found on the net. Photographed earlier this year in France.

A picture of PVT birdflu and a human clone in battle.

Portrait of LT Chong mir the bat.

And crap, no cash no color, only black, rollerpaint and tape. Its fun to paint anyway.
Free inspiration for you.

Well, since the economic crisis begun, Ive been more or less on vacation during the summer time. Since young years Ive been interested of philosophy and usually this time of the year I spend my time reading about stupid stuff, like existence or economy. Well, few years ago I got and insight about the market! And since then, everyone has been laughing at me. Anyway, For a few years ive been studying economy, on my spare time, and i can only say, that we are all controlled by this enormous living organism, called, the market. Combined with this insight ive been studying A. Schopenhauer, and everyday its more and more clear for me. THE SUFFERING! Sometimes people call me a pessimist, I call these people retarded! Im not going to destroy your day by explaning my tesis. Since this is a very hard part of existence and may cause total depression and catasrophical insight about human life and self-deception. For everyone searching for solace, i recommend studying A. Schopenhauer, S. Kierkegaard and F. Nietzsche, or philosophy as a whole subject.

Lately i have been thinking about writing a sci-fi book, yeah and my philosophy is going to be hid in this sci-fi Story! A story about a human, called "Chairman Roflman", who leave planet earth because he got sick of it. Moved out to space with some animals, and returned with his brave comrades (may sound inspired by Noah's ark and Moses) , Commander Star-Goat, Sgt Wolfie, LT Chongmir the bat, PVT Birdflu , GI:YO etc. In space they come in contact with some aliens, they went to martian training camp, developed new weapons. And in came back one day to fight humanity and one day conquer the evil. I was going to write this on walls, the problem is, i spell bad, its hard to correct wrong spelled words, it takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of color. Why do write this? You dont care? Yeah, its because i am going away for a few days, out of town, and when i come back, i hope that i didnt forget all about this, since me and my head is going to take a four day vacation. So see you all later. take care!

måndag 12 juli 2010


Early morning, some action in the blazing sun och a dip before lunch. Now that's a sunday for you.

lördag 10 juli 2010

Sunny Deelights.

Special big ups to Kilos!

torsdag 8 juli 2010


Alicia. no relations to keys.

fredag 2 juli 2010

torsdag 1 juli 2010

Smokin Trees.

Living in the islands of midnight sun..
Det der Jevvla tredet.