onsdag 27 april 2011

Copenhagen & Malmö - A Bombaclot Roadtrip!

So me and Abyzs teamed up with our good friends Ikaroz, Zolen, Hell, Fits, Dne & Reil for a little roadtrip to Malmoe and Copenhagen!
Since i hadn't been down in Copenhagen since i was a kid, i really didn't know what to expect, except for tons of beer, weed & some spraying.

We started out with Malmoe, for some falafels and good quality time with our friend Roots, before going down to the fart-free zone called Copenhagen!

A couple of beers, some dancing and a few puffs often result in going out and acting childish with pens and spraycans.
The best thing about Copenhagen in my opinion is the relaxed atmosphere and the many cheap bars where you can smoke indoors, eventhough the clothes smelled like shit the morning after...

Another great thing is the fact that pieces like this can be seen rolling by quite often!

The Danes seem to like their sex-shops!

Skyrock showing which store is killing it!

Copenhagen Doodling pt. 1

Copenhagen doodling pt. 2

Spunk Bar, seriously wtf?!

"Graffiti is phat, just not here" Really?

How about here?

Relaxing in the weed-zone known as Christiania, looking at a grassy-looking chimney!
The perfect break from painting, a joint, a falafel and a beer!

Then onto more painting!

Futuristic subway!

Yo, This place is boooombed!

And ofcourse, a blurry salute-picture from the boys!

"A hell alot of ganja"

You got that right!

Back in Malmoe the last day, some relaxing and painting a wall!

All i can say is that i really recommend these cities alot! Definetly going back for more!

And finally, we wish to thank Roxy & Roots for hooking us up with beds and showing us around!
And big shout outs to Ozone CWS, ALTGR, Elsam and all the crazy nice people we met down there!
See ya soon again!
/Mack & Abyzs.

onsdag 20 april 2011

Weather report.

Sunny days ....time to trade in the snowjoggers and fatcaps for stunnashades and superskinny ones. say word.

onsdag 13 april 2011

tisdag 5 april 2011


Heavy rain come down.... like loco.