måndag 31 januari 2011

Too damn dark in all those tunnels!

Trying to shed some light anyway...
Happy B-Day Azzma

söndag 30 januari 2011

Aj.. Wish I Didnt...

....Missed You Anymore
....Missed You At All...

onsdag 26 januari 2011

Never Grow Up!

Happy B-dayz 2 Kaos & Demon!
By Xact & Nagel.
Always playing those childish games!

Nothing but Love.

söndag 23 januari 2011


No relations t0 Montana.

lördag 22 januari 2011


one wall,one year..
two poor ugly
two seasons
two pieces

torsdag 20 januari 2011

Sketchnight at BB-casa! Battle with the PNP's!

So we had a sketchnight at the BB-house at the same time as the PNP's had one in the richer parts of town, we decided to have a little sketch-battle!

2 A3 papers and everyone had to do something...

Since we poor folks, we don't have no a3-scanners, crappy phone-pic will have to do!

Ill commandante working in the book of doom!

Joint in place, ready to get in the mode for relaxed sketching!

Poor Ugly-Style on sketchnights! Don't sip the syrup, take it as shots!

Everybody got a bit blurry, so the sketch is too!

Visit our friends on the http://thepeopleandplaces.blogspot/ to check out their sketch!

Nice gang of dudes doing their thing!


tisdag 18 januari 2011

Its My Turn Baby, Ima Turn It Out.

I Do This At Night..

Sweet late summernight when the urge WZ-UP lurkin..

Plan was to flip a color burn another spot but then night got to lazy.

But Hey!
So glad to see you.

måndag 17 januari 2011

lördag 15 januari 2011


....were havin fun up i purgatory.


onsdag 12 januari 2011

Some leftovers...

Here's some 2010 leftovers. Now let's get ready for 2011!

fredag 7 januari 2011

söndag 2 januari 2011

2011 is the future!

Spek & Eksa just had to get in mode for 2011 and the future, so we say it again:
Have a POOR
UGLY new year!

Just hoping we
age more gracefully!

Peace Out/
Eksact a.k.a the time-traveler!