söndag 16 augusti 2009

10 under freezing point climbing up under freeway joint

I had almost forgotten about this piece from wayback in february..
Sunday missions is a love and hate thing for me, somehow I just cant kick back relax knowing that mondays comin up next. Stupid. A STHLMwinter month like february is like punishment, I was layin up in the crib with mjukisbrallan and my slippers on takin it ease. Slowpoze mode, just glad beeing indoors a day like this. A phonecall later from a friend that is crazy pepp on graffiti sometimes, I jumped in my långbombare and geared up to get down. A ride from my headquarters and back, to a spot that I never been to in a brand new Audi...
Dude, Im like whuttup?!
Didnt need that much persuasion...
He drove up with boomin music leakin out this chromed out monster, turned on the passengerseat asswarmer and was just happy smiling about going sprayin shit up. I started laughing just by seeing this guys fired up face.. The mode was set. Heated leatherseats is the way to roll, thats my word. he pumped up the volume and shit was comfy bumpin. Just got the wheels cleaned so we riding slow now to pick up one of my favorite writers in the innercity. While we waited for him to showup this 40something year old man came up and just started yellin and kicked the driverseat cardoor for some or no reason! My man has a temperament and jumped out and just scared this guy straight.. it was a funny time for me!
We climbed up into one of the coolest spots Ive been to, the atmosphear was just beautiful, rugged concrete dreams. I love those places.
The place was freezin, actually colder inside than the outdoors 10 below. It was so cold that my camera batteries froze and i couldnt feel my toes after some spraying. No blingin but so much ice you could skate on a writer... Damn! I cant wait until winters fuckin it up again..... Eh..
Got this pic from my southsider friend, the only photo I got so lets say this pic is exclusive shit.. Thanx homie!
Signing out for now with a shoutout to my friend HEALR. YO!
Oh, if anyone out there in cyberspace got any other fliggz on this one let us know.

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  1. P-nut droppin the words like the pastor! Najst som fuck!


  2. Jag håller med ovanstående!
    grymt bra läsning. kul storrys, fortsätt så!