måndagen den 31:e januari 2011

Too damn dark in all those tunnels!

Trying to shed some light anyway...
Happy B-Day Azzma

söndagen den 30:e januari 2011

Aj.. Wish I Didnt...

....Missed You Anymore
....Missed You At All...

onsdagen den 26:e januari 2011

Never Grow Up!

Happy B-dayz 2 Kaos & Demon!
By Xact & Nagel.
Always playing those childish games!

Nothing but Love.

söndagen den 23:e januari 2011


No relations t0 Montana.

lördagen den 22:e januari 2011


one wall,one year..
two poor ugly
two seasons
two pieces

torsdagen den 20:e januari 2011

Sketchnight at BB-casa! Battle with the PNP's!

So we had a sketchnight at the BB-house at the same time as the PNP's had one in the richer parts of town, we decided to have a little sketch-battle!

2 A3 papers and everyone had to do something...

Since we poor folks, we don't have no a3-scanners, crappy phone-pic will have to do!

Ill commandante working in the book of doom!

Joint in place, ready to get in the mode for relaxed sketching!

Poor Ugly-Style on sketchnights! Don't sip the syrup, take it as shots!

Everybody got a bit blurry, so the sketch is too!

Visit our friends on the http://thepeopleandplaces.blogspot/ to check out their sketch!

Nice gang of dudes doing their thing!


tisdagen den 18:e januari 2011

Its My Turn Baby, Ima Turn It Out.

I Do This At Night..

Sweet late summernight when the urge WZ-UP lurkin..

Plan was to flip a color burn another spot but then night got to lazy.

But Hey!
So glad to see you.

måndagen den 17:e januari 2011

lördagen den 15:e januari 2011


....were havin fun up i purgatory.


onsdagen den 12:e januari 2011

Some leftovers...

Here's some 2010 leftovers. Now let's get ready for 2011!

fredagen den 7:e januari 2011

söndagen den 2:e januari 2011

2011 is the future!

Spek & Eksa just had to get in mode for 2011 and the future, so we say it again:
Have a POOR
UGLY new year!

Just hoping we
age more gracefully!

Peace Out/
Eksact a.k.a the time-traveler!