torsdag 20 januari 2011

Sketchnight at BB-casa! Battle with the PNP's!

So we had a sketchnight at the BB-house at the same time as the PNP's had one in the richer parts of town, we decided to have a little sketch-battle!

2 A3 papers and everyone had to do something...

Since we poor folks, we don't have no a3-scanners, crappy phone-pic will have to do!

Ill commandante working in the book of doom!

Joint in place, ready to get in the mode for relaxed sketching!

Poor Ugly-Style on sketchnights! Don't sip the syrup, take it as shots!

Everybody got a bit blurry, so the sketch is too!

Visit our friends on the http://thepeopleandplaces.blogspot/ to check out their sketch!

Nice gang of dudes doing their thing!


6 kommentarer:

  1. haha, så fett! synd att man inte kan zooma på den feta! sjukt kul med wc`n..

  2. Fakk, jag ska se om det går att fixa så man kan zooma!


  3. ...shit! ni gjorde lady gaga av dom....

  4. yeah..vore fint om man kunde klicka på skissen boys.

  5. tjöck . mera skisskvällar snart snart snart.
    peace från södra sidan av staden. >> ChongVader aka Dr Crackrock

  6. Måste ta en bild med en annan kamera och redigera om, mobilbilden verkar inte gå att förstora!