onsdag 10 november 2010

So i went to New York City!

...Or how i ruined 8 pairs of socks in 10 days, just by walking around!

I decided to go on a little autumn-trip to visit friends in a city which I had never been to, the selection fell on New York. I had been thinking about going over there for a while, but never got my lazy ass in the airplane. Just the thought of spending more than 5 hours on a plane is enough to freak me out, but a couple of beers and a valium later I found myself standing on JFK, ready to be a real tourist!

Got on the C-line out to my homie in Brooklyn, had a few beers, puffs and felt ready to see the city, but first a good night's sleep. Woke up the next morning to find out that it was halloween-weekend, to a non-celebrating Swede that was something out of this world. The Americans really love dressing up like freaks and walking around town partying like it's new years eve or something. On the evening we went out to a party in somebody's loft, with a very nice rooftop where some local writers tested their paints.

My friend Gorey told me about a drink called Four Loko which had caused some outrage from parents due to the fact that it contains as much caffeine as 2 red bulls and 12% alcochol in one can, ofcourse i just had to try that shit, so off to the liqourstore to load the bag .

Man, that drink tasted like a blend of regrets and teen-vomit, mixed with a subtle flavor of young girl waking up after prom to take morning after-pills, but really got a buzz going in my head! I was told i took the wrong flavor, apparently the lemonade version isn't all that bad!

Woke up the next day with a slight hangover and a crave for some good food. After watching the Halloween-parade, Ippudo hit just the right spot after a weekend of booze and ooze!

Sorry for going all food-bloggy on your asses, but the food there was probably the best japanese i have ever had outside of Japan, good stuff!

After a few days of walking around, taking pictures and drinking coffee, i met up with a friend to do a wall in Brooklyn, even though I wasn't on a "writing-trip" I thought it could be good fun to do something while there.

After that it was a few days of walking around in a sweet sunshine, just enjoying what the city had to offer! Some bars, some food and a lot of getting wasted!

The only day of rain was when i went to Coney Island, which was just perfect since i didn't have to crowd with others while doing my obligatory tourist-thing.

Mack-truck, pimpin' hard!

Poor 5-0 to ride around in that truck...

Ended my trip with a bar-route that made me so wasted i couldn't walk straight, damn that Mescal! The picture above is a nice bar next to Thompkins square park, never got the name of it, but good strong drinks, that's for damn sure!

Over and out from your tour-guide.

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