lördag 2 oktober 2010


sometimes even on legal walls you dont have enough time

went down south a few weeks ago. visited a friend and also took time to take the train over to copenhagen for the ABA-SHANTI-I session. with aba being my number one sound at the moment i was well happy to be there. session was kinda short and numbers where few,but the spirit was strong!
did spend the next morning reading the latest UP while others where sleeping late,that was alot of reading..enjoyed the HONET and JEST interviews, with jest visiting his friend ance, and living along the same line i got to see some of those pieces he did, got a bit of a revival which was nice!

after another night of partying(and since i rarely piece these days) i thought i should do a piece before i took the train back home.
just to bad im a time-optimist and had to leave the piece unfinished .
all in all, good moments where shared!
thought i should share some vids from the aba session but they are too long to put up here so i link to some other aba shanti i session vids...and if you like to hear more you can always log on to

http://www.talawa.fr/search/aba#/Aba+Shanti for some soundtapes and other stuff...

do remember dont forget next friday is PUBB-friday! those who can are welcome over to the I's place for some ital food, heartical music and upfull sketching . hit the I up with a text or mail if you will show...and bring your own paint...

5 kommentarer:

  1. ABA SHANTI var cool! Vore kul att komma o gunga på lördag. Se om det funkar. Fina characters som vanligt! one love. Resq

  2. Oh fresh!
    nice man.

  3. resq...du är välkommen över att rita med såklart.
    prata med painter.