lördag 9 oktober 2010

The nation of slappskallistan declares war!

Brothers. Silence please silence! The great ordförande Don Juan Roflman the Sufferer shall speak!

DJ Roflman:
Few months ago, the devil, >>Fuksh<< ST crew molested our holy Brother monsieur Reid, with a 1x1m big chrome throw up. Why? No one know. Who cares? Not me. This is a HOLY WAR. The whole ROFLO ORDER har been sent to defend the barricades, and when they are secured, we will eat the brains of the aggressors. WAR BROTHERS, WAR! BRING ME BRAINS BACK. Until the day, Fuksh himself has changed his tag into "fruitcake", the war shall continue . Anyway, until this day, the name "fuksh" will be a trademark of the roflorder! "Nya FUKSH" remarketed as "The old Fuksh liked young japanese boys, I dont". Anyone can use it. for anything. Someone said toiletpaper?

So children! Follow the brave into the grave. SPRAY WITH ME. And anyone can join the Rofloorder at anytime. Remember, we are allied to the best crew in this country. Want to be a prospect? Send 10 destroyed fuksh pieces to Roflman@rofl.gov.org

The people of slappskallistan, tries the machine that separates brain from body. Mr. Hitre, became more stoned than ever after this treatment.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Ohh. its on now asså....

  2. You on some acid-trip!


  4. "Until the day, Fuksh himself has changed his tag into "fruitcake", the war shall continue" Hahaha, best ever!