onsdag 22 september 2010


One late augustnight back in 08 my friend JAONAS called me about this wall they built for a party in the southside 08. He told me that there was a good vibe with friendly people enjoying one of the summers last nights. I felt it sounded like a goodtime for me so I went.
And this is it.

I cannot recall all the details about this spot called "CYKLOPEN" the Cyclops, but that it was a FINE and positive cultural establissment that young leftwing Stockholmers built with their hands, heart and
soul from the ground up, in the beginning without no funding at all. on to winning cultural achivement prizes. Just with a true belive in that everything is possible in democracy.
A beatiful way of living your life with a desire to change.

This lead to a whole amount of jealousy to alot of people and though no one was ever charged with Arsonist, everyone knows that it was the S.D. Nazi´s that later burnt this place to the ground.

(Feel free to fill in details if you have some information or evidence on this case)

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  1. Sorry for the sloppy writing but Im rushing out.
    just had to make this shorter statement.

  2. feta parys i the cyklops!

  3. political but fresh!

  4. Jao. I was kinda hoping you would let the whole story to be told.
    If you dont wanna drop it in comments, holla at my burner and get the pass....
    People need to hear about the situation.

  5. No story to tell really. Neo-nazis burned it down to the ground.. fucked up.

    There was sopposed to be held a big anti-racist party that weekend @ cyklopen..

    Two days later, also in Högdalen, they arson a firebomb thru a syndicalist/unionist mailbox leaving the apartment in flames with family and children inside.

    Yesterday.. Today... Tomorrow. Fucked up!