lördag 14 augusti 2010

Summer postcard.

More summer-recreation-pics.When tring to find the perfect word to sum it all up i choose to quote the alltimegreat Kool Keith:
"Sippin real smooth wine, galactic glasses, wearin maskes
Her suit is armor leather jacket, I'ma wear a bomber
Dark black hats, remember Cato and the Green Hornet
I step up on it, test the flight switch, move a nice switch
Adjust the tempo makin complex into somethin simple
A masquerade party while bartenders, pass Bacardi
Lemon juice or orange bintz, parked with a sunroof
Brown ragtop, spaceship movin ridin down your block
Power jets millineium, level five is next
(Crank up the space, beam up)"

4 kommentarer:

  1. strålande färgsättning! Målgolfen skiner fint efter ditt besök.

  2. Homies since LA`s fitted backwards..
    Megaburner YO!
    Nuthin but luv for you my man!

  3. bland det bästa som suttit på målgolfens väggar!

  4. nice! ill be back....