måndag 21 juni 2010


Zupp Cyberspace!?

Me and my all lookin like Zorro friends went on this summers first roadtrip yesterday.
You know, 5 Poor Ugly lookin smelly up to no good typa dudes in a small city car loaded with G-rap mixtapes and no AC.. Explosive.
No need to pimp that ride.
We grind them trucks.
More on that mission later...

Back 2 work today is my favorite day.. I felt kinda like the empty blues in the burning firetracks we left behind us. Cloudy day in the STHLM.

Then my friend Ylva saved my day with this new hot EdBangershit.
Im not knowned to be the one sharing my musix on this blog but i felt that I couldnt let you true readers of or blog miss out on this one.
Summertimes back. YO!

Holla! Hollaluja!


In yo system.

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