måndag 17 maj 2010

USB-memory warning.

I got this old usb stick that I am doing an experiment with, i put up a few hundred pictures on it, two years ago. Its a "Kingston" memory stick, and a few of the pictures already got fucked up, all destroyed. They have been stored in normal temperature. So, if you are storing pictures on memory sticks, watch out. ITS THE C.I.A!

Old paintings, and a new one, that i found today with a message to humanity.
Well, last month I won the game that Ive been obsessed of in the last 11 years. I some how, figured out the market mechanics and got the number one spot, by doing a very slow stockpile dump. Jumping 5 Million net worth in the last minute, everything calculated into the last second. huh? I will have time for something else. Like Painting. So, This winter i told my crew mates that i will step up and start produce the illest shit ever done (haha). So i need to stand for what i said, and do it. I kind of lack out on the cash part, i have no job and probably no future career either. So if you want to see The Sufferer rule, and have a job over, leave your mail in the inbox. A fast learner. I am good on everything. If you dont already get it, YEAH, im that person you need at your company to convert negative cash flow into positive, i work like 5 people. The last piece goes out to IRIE. And the message goes out to all living people! The real message! Yeah yeah, and I am not that negative in RL. Its just a way to trick the martians!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Hold on, hold out!

    Så top-najst att se en update från dej Lizardo! //coola katt krullig cash.

  2. The Sufferer... get that money!

  3. to be poor is a crime!

  4. I just sayin - beware!

  5. you're either pimpin' the system, or getting pimped by the system mein!

  6. i dont fuck the system

    / flow

    slussen t-bane station ca 1997

  7. m-o-p



  8. get your hair cut and get a job