tisdag 30 mars 2010

Mad Kick It!

Alright, I mean I never thought I would be the one. And its feelings that I cant explain...
Fifteen later, all you haters gotta holla at my Lady. My first, own killa, my pusha, my dealer...
And this is your favorite crew on drugs, we be happy runnin round gettin high on love,
to much it kill ya, I now thats right.
But She got that crack and I got that pipe.
Like if Shes the pusher, and Im the Hustler, and loves the drug, then this is for the Lovers...
One time for the BBoys on the streets with it,
But me and Shorty we be hustle in the sheets with it.
Shes sellin, Im buyin.
And only when the drugs all done I feel I feel like dying. ..trying
She dope, She bad, I think we gonna might need to go rehab.
Pushin all that Graff, all them Tags, Blazin bags.
Addiction. Its that Swag..

8 kommentarer:

  1. Providers of fresh! Fet eyeball bdw!

  2. Vad står dte? WHS?

  3. wood hill squad oh my god

  4. WHS be lighting concrete like incense, som Big L sa en gång i tiden.

  5. Rap rap rap...

  6. The life of a white gangsta rappah from sweden!
    gees up hoes down!

  7. whats up with the author of this blog? Are you totally on drugs or just a homosexual?


  8. Haha! I am Who I am. Like it or love it.
    Shit it aint easy being me...

    What you call it? -Smokey.