söndag 20 december 2009


Me and my man made plans late last night about dressin up in our old timberlands, täckbrallor and duck down northface jackets for an extremesport sprayin Sunday. Radical dude!
I put my spraycans on the radiator and went to bed for some Z´s.
Woke up early bird this morning and noticed that Stockholm winterweather was a little bit to extreme, our plans got snowed in. Literally.
None of us are afraid of a little snow but hey, a blizzard? You dont wanna go O.D on that white powder.
Later on the storm calmed down and turned into a beatiful winter day, and I finally got a little christmas spirit.

This one goes out to MainMan Macke, Mr Mack, Macktastic, BigMacMarvelous for hookin a Poor Ugly Painter up with fresh wet drippin paint this year, I appreciate that kompez! You made a lotta freshness and goodtimes possible! 1000thanx!

Light it up.

7 kommentarer:

  1. No sweat dude! Fräsch piece! Catch ya next time!

  2. Dang!! on sum next shieet!

  3. it burns

  4. alltid fetaste stylen här!
    kan inte se vad det står, vem har lirat? varför har ni inte fotolog förutom ja ni vet?

  5. höhö töng piece. hörde av gesp att nöten fick en moppe av han;);) // uber ono dos drees quaaateroorooo

  6. Har aldrig tagit emot en moppe i mitt liv.