söndag 2 augusti 2009

Bad Luck, Good Times in Dalecarlia!

So me, P-nuts and mr. Each went on a daytrip to lovely Dalecarlia, little did we know we was in for the long run. The day started early with a slight hangover from a nice night before, met up the boys and went on the road (not me driving though!). Got to the wall and started doing my thing and as the day went on i started to feel as i had taken a to big task at hand...
I rushed to finish my piece when heavy rain started falling and was actually thinking i could make it on time when the boys said it was time to sit it out in the car and wait for the rain to stop pouring. As we sat in the car we realized that the rain had no intention of stopping and we came to the conclusion that we had to do the "car-sleeping-thing". I was mildly amused and figured that i had to get extremely wasted if i was going to pull carsleeping off.
We headed to the nearest town, looking for a place to eat and drink, but couldn't find anything in that small town...
Finally we saw a light that said BAR and we thought salvation was near, but we got bummed out when the owner said he closed 5 minutes ago!
We managed to hassle ourselves two sixes of Captain Morgan each and a pint of beer to chug it down with before starting to figure out what to do the rest of the night.

Each said he got word of a techno & electro-festival going down just a few minutes from there, so we rushed over there in search of food and drinks. One well placed boltcut in the fence later we were in, drinking and eating to make the night more bearable!

We got wasted, really wasted!
The next morning it was back to the wall for the big finish, a few well placed lines and i was done! After finishing the piece i realized how the text really doesn't match my background, but what the hell! At least it became a nice roadtrip and i got a spontanious visit to a festival (and i got some nice beers aswell!).

I will let P-Nut tell his side of the story for himself and post his picture if he wants to, i can tell you as much as i think his piece really burned blue flames as the fire above!

Til' next time:
Cheers Friends
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7 kommentarer:

  1. kul storry.
    riktigt fet målning!!!
    tack för dedden!

  2. Stört fet målning! Bra jobbat!

  3. hehe! Shit! Det här övernattningen hade jag ingen aning om. Hoppas ni lyckades sova inne i bilen alla 3, eller låg pnuten under? :)

    Fet pis såklart! Dunderfet

  4. Ohlala! där är den ju!
    Burning stuff!!


  5. Det är inte mycket som går upp mot att få sitt namn på en gravsten!

    Fet skit!

  6. Ajaj... tittar vad man missar när man är borta i några dagar. Hoppas det blir mer i den klassen.

  7. Tung! Gött att ni fixade flixxen utan att behöva steka mailen också.