söndag 19 juli 2009

Daze in the sun p.t. 4

So... This is the last part of this spontaneous summer wall, YESR sent this pic to me. thanks!

Halfway through it, that sunday was the hottest summerday so far. I was thinking about going swimming with a picnic at first, but it was EKSACT & NVSE and I just cant say no to those guys.
Missed my connection with traindoors closing in front of me I made a quick decision to take an alternative way to the spot and ended up on a hour long grand tour of the southern suburbs on a veteran bus with no aircondition. Countryside style and I was feelin it, I took off my T-shirt and just sat there zippin on a Fanta enjoying the ride and flexin the rug.
I was easedropping on these two young guys talking about how many beers they could drink without throwing up, how many girls they slept with, bragging about that they was going to dive from this huge cliff- they were going swimming. I learned that one of them was going to spend all off the money he earned from his summerjob on a big tribal tatoo. Or going abroad, he wasnt sure..
I finally reached my destination and I was gladly surprised that my man KURIR had decided to join in on this mission, we go way back.
Me and nsve took turns pushing that fantastic wagon through the woods and he told me that their bus only took 20minutes... On our way to get lost.

It is so stupid that grown men is afraid of wasps. I was running like marathon.
That night I drank 6 glasses of lemonade without taking a leak.. Read dehydration.


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  1. Bästa storyn dude! Najst som fan!


  2. tribal! i svanken hellst...

  3. När livet är som bäst