onsdag 22 juli 2009

Inspiration Information

"What the fuck is flow?" "You got flow right now?"
-I just met up with a friend of mine who lives in los angeles working as a musician and a composer, chasing that dream gettin paid for what you love. doin what he loves. Me, Im doing "graffitti" for what that given and compromising name is worth, more likely sooner or later have to pay up for what Im up to. I think that creating music and painting are two complete different things even though they (for me) melt together sometimes. Fusion or whatever, arguments about whats an artform and whats not is not my interest. Trying to compare, criticize and categorize peoples unique expressions is not on my agenda, I guess I leave that discussion to the haters cause I feel like its a worthless waste of time. Of course I listen to other peoples opinions and what they have to say, feel free to speak your mind -I respect that. But hey, it gets plain boring after 2minutes complaints of basically your own lack of being imaginary. Tell your negative bedtime stories to your not so openminded friends instead. Later haterZzz, your shit is weak.. last week.
YO! Sorry, Im not trying to disrespect you or anything but on my way back home from having a couple of drinks feeling the flow and doing some crazy-ass innercity bombing going allout madout flippin trippin on internetdrugs robbin old ladies for coins and kids for cellphones destroying my life trashin it the fuck up, I ran into to these toys doing a whack piece biting my bubblestyle chromeletters and my cloud backround. I hate them fuckin toys..... Ok, enough already.
No. Me and my Hollywood friend talked about the CREATIVE flow, the flow that comes and goes. Sometimes you got it sometimes you dont got it, sometimes you have the flow for a week, maybe for a whole month. sometimes the flow only appears for one night and then disappears again not knowing when it will show up again. Can you push flow? Can you somehow learn how to get creative, in someway force it to happen, be creative and stay creative. Is there a spirit of flow? He was telling me eveything about his LosAngeles flow and how he kept himself motivated controlling the flow, and I told him everything i know about staying creative doing what I do. But it seems like "the flow" works in mysterious ways.
This is some pictures from the last couple of days that I think has something to do with my inspiration at this moment- late july 2009.
Do YOU have the power of flow? Let us know! Please share your info in the commentbox.
Drop that.

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  1. andra bilden uppifrån, sjukt bra bakgrundsinsp!

  2. My flow comes at nights when I should be asleep but say fuck it! and stay up sketching till early morning. Waking up the next morning feeling like a zombie, late for work staring out the commutertrain on all the pieces outside...
    "I did the right choice staying up, my shit will be mad-fresh!"

  3. I was going to write the same thing as Ugly-36... But why is it all about nighttime. It feels so good!But is it not in a way a destructive behaviour? I you have to work and function in society? this is very interesting.

  4. Well, Graffitiwriters dont function very well in society. We destroy walls, trains, insides, cars, busses ,trucks etc. In the eyes of the community we are destructive drug addicts, in the eyes of promoe we are freedom fighters. Graffiti is like the last stop before hell, If graffiti ever dies for real, it will be the sign that we are all caught up in the system created by them. So before you go zombie for real, working at that job you never wanted in the first place, but your expenses force you. Take your television, open your window, and throw it out, cuz they decide what your watching at mate, take a spraycan and paint all ovah the city! Ovah and out, forever tagging upp the world! yours /Don Fluff

  5. Flow comes when i dont care about anything and feel good about it. whatever.

  6. Flow is for me when my work get their own life whithout forcing it!
    when a painting is fit to its enviorment, when you are able to use the whole spot/canvas or whatever material the most effective /creative way.
    however, flow is somthing i build up. it's like an wave, it often takes a lot of work to catch it. somtimes many drawing nights, somtimes a bunch of burnerwalls. When you got the flow, make sure to produce a LOT! cause it might take a while before next wave!

    skön läsning på eran blogg!

  7. Sounds like flows a slag who goes with everyone at diffrent times. I stayed at that hostel in berlin, Please be burger boy.