tisdag 28 juli 2009

Employee of the month!

Out of all the slaves they have working for them this dude right here is my favorite and number#1 buffer! Word up!
You probably hate this job but needs the money, right? I can deal with that. But somewhere along the way you just stopped caring about gettin the job done the way that they brainwashed you to, cause exterminating this fine lookin piece is just ridiculous, I understand you! Welcome to the other side. I havent lived long enough to be a wiz, but I belive its the true side- bright side of life youre on.
I hope this skill aint costing you your job as a buffer, gettin fired. noway! cause the world needs more slowpoze buffers like you!
One love.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Som MOA hade skrivit på en halvbuffad vagn i schweiz: "buff everything or nothing at all"

  2. Ibland har man ju stått där och fått slut på outlines, dom kanske fick slut på buff?