måndagen den 28:e september 2009

Forrest excursion.

Lazy sunny september forrest type of action.

fredagen den 25:e september 2009


I sometimes wish i would have chosen bankrobbery as a hobby instead of graff!

Enjoy the weekend, do stupid shit & have fun while doing it!
Cheers Fuckers!/Mack.

måndagen den 21:e september 2009

fredagen den 18:e september 2009

Thrashy days.

Here are some pics from one of the wierdest assignments we ever had.
They called out for thrash n´they probably got more than they bargained for.
Big up to Punk, Painter ,Abc & Eksa for their highly professional thrashy services.

torsdagen den 17:e september 2009

summer of silver.

börjar bli kallare nu..någon som känt det?
minns med glädje sommarnätter med fest,pfft och en liten piece på vägen.

söndagen den 13:e september 2009


... as the weekend is about to call it a quits, i remeniss about this sunny hungover sunday.
Big up Solen ,Eksa & Abc.
Southern playalisticaddilacmusik!

fredagen den 11:e september 2009

Just cuz no one has updated in a few days!

Killing of some scrapcans!
After a hard week of work, getting really frustrated of idiots asking stupid questions, im finally ready for a weekend of mayhem!

See y'all out in the night! (F.T.W)

lördagen den 5:e september 2009

This one goes out to...

P U B B - (N) - Schweden
... all homeless people at the trainstation. Occupation the only solution!

Summer memories

Big up Supe - FMK! Paris July 2009

tisdagen den 1:e september 2009

The Squid n the whale?

Considering harsh and typical swedish weather the mission was completed.

"You could smell heaven in the air
You can never get the god, yeah
Now i'm cypher,You've been driving off the same batteryWe had,
back in '91 that got you hyper
I wanna go outside, in the rain...
It may sound crazy, it may sound crazy
But I wanna go outside, in the rain..."